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Bonnie Floyd

Bonnie FloydBonnie Floyd is an author, Bible teacher, and highly sought inspirational speaker. Real, relatable and refreshing are words often used to describe Bonnie’s contagious zeal for the Lord and her authentic love for people. Her powerful and dynamic messages bring the Scriptures alive to audiences of all ages.

In the early hours of February 1, 1994, Bonnie received a phone call that would change the course of her life. Her parents, who were sailing a yacht to Antigua, had been brutally murdered along with two other passengers. The next two years would test and grow Bonnie’s faith in ways she never imagined. The killers were apprehended. During the five-week trial, Bonnie’s outspoken Christian faith touched many key players in the tragic story—the team from Scotland Yard, the prosecuting attorneys, the local law enforcement, and the grieving families of the other victims. Bonnie shocked everyone when she insisted on meeting one of the men responsible for her parents’ death in prison and leading him to faith in Christ.

Shortly after she returned from Antigua, Bonnie was asked to share her amazing story with a women’s group. This event launched a full-time biblical speaking ministry that has brought thousands to believe in Christ. Urged on by her husband Donnie and many others who had been inspired by her story, Bonnie has added "author" to her list of job titles. Bound to a Promise beautifully communicates her story of love, murder and redemption.

Bonnie lives with her husband in a small country town near Dallas, TX.

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