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Marti Martin

Marti MartinMarti is known for her passion, motivation and humor while addressing serious subject matters. Although she came from a difficult background and very humble beginnings, you would never know it. With God’s healing touch, her past has given her a deeper understanding and connection with those that suffer with emotional pain. Her messages focus heavily on transformation, growth and maturity.

Her experience includes 15 years on staff at a 2000 member church as a ministry leader conducting congregational services, conferences and seminars appealing to audiences that cross cultural, gender and social boundaries. Along with her speaking commitments, she devotes ministry time to work in inner-cities, prisons and homeless shelters.

Marti shares through teaching and writing with those who have a desire to live a changed life. She is the author of, “The Father Wants to Heal His Little Girls - Letting Go of Childhood Scars” and “Bold Walk, Igniting your Passion and Purpose”.

She travels nationally and internationally as a conference speaker and has been featured on numerous radio shows that broadcast all over the world. Marti is married with 4 grown children and is an active member at her home church in North Texas.

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