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Rosie Koebele

Rosie KoebeleRosie’s heart bubbles with life and oozes laughter! After far too many years, she left the insecurities and betrayal of insignificance behind. She now lives truly enjoying a life of freedom. She has the ability to speak to the joyful side of life then gently but swiftly, thrust you on a rollercoaster ride down to the depths of intimacy, into the inner sanctuary. Evident in her paintings, and her personality, she lives to bring joy!

As an Actress, X-TREME Artist (lively painting to worship music in 4 min), Producer, Entrepreneur, and Writer, her diversity of talent and skill, keep her life very full.

Recently, God has called both Rosie and her husband to live a life far beyond what they would have imagined. They are currently writing a book, giving a glimpse into the ‘real life’ marriage of opposites, involving laughter to survive. Both pursue acting in commercials and film. Rosie is also illustrating her children’s book.

As well as her husband, she has one grown son, daughter-in-law and two lovely grandsons.

Rosie is currently developing a website, until then, you may reach her at

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